About Me

Esther CallisImmediately upon joining Utility Warehouse as a Distributor I booked onto my local training event; a free College of Excellence training programme rolled out all over the UK that has been critical to the ongoing growth and profitability of Utility Warehouse.

The first in a series of training sessions, titled Getting Started, coached me in all the simple skills that I required in order to feel confident in promoting the Utility Warehouse Discount Club’s range of services and also in terms of building a team

I continue to adopt these very basic principles each and every day which has generated fantastic success for me, whilst helping me to achieve numerous promotions, bonuses and rewards since joining the business. I continue to attend the College of Excellence training sessions on a regular basis as these continue to build my knowledge bank and improve my confidence.

Since joining the business back in December 2006 I have steadily worked my way up the Utility Warehouse ‘Stairway of Success’ having collected thousands of pounds in cash bonuses and rewards along the way. In July 2007 I collected my free convertible BMW Mini and have received numerous other recognition gifts during my journey such as a full set of luxury Mont Blanc pens. I love fast cars and so I was over the moon earlier in the year when I qualified to drive around in one of the Utility Warehouse Porsche Boxster fleet for the summer.

In June 2009 my husband and I set sail on an all expenses paid 6 star Silver seas cruise around the Baltic Sea with a group of fellow Distributors who all qualified for the company’s 2009 holiday promotion. I simply cannot put into words the extravagant luxuries that were steeped upon us when we stepped aboard the Silver Cloud; 24 hour butler service, endless champagne; gourmet food; amazing entertainment; 5* excursions visiting all of the ports of call and from the moment we left home to returning home – it didn’t cost us a penny!

My current activity within the business is helping me to achieve points towards the current Utility Warehouse share promotion scheme. I’m writing this article at the age of 36 and, being semi-retired, I feel extremely proud to be involved with a company that grows from strength to strength; receiving more and more third party credibility and endorsement each year; while continually launching new recognition schemes and cash incentives for Distributors.

Unfortunately in September 2008 I fell approximately 15 feet through a first floor ceiling and broke my spine. Doctors informed me that I may never walk again and that I may not be able to have children. I was also advised that my only option in terms of a possible recovery was to lay flat on my back (in hospital) for 3 months – which I did! Following 10 weeks of complete bed rest, the doctors helped me out of bed for the first time and over a three day period I eventually walked again. This personal journey, as I’m sure you can imagine, completely changed my life. However, on a happy note, thanks to the activity I had committed to my Utility Warehouse business prior to my fall, both my team and my income continued to grow every single day whilst I convalesced in hospital. When I returned home in December 2008, both my pay cheque and the size of my business had more than doubled in size! I truly believe that, had I been in a normal ‘day job’ at the time of my fall, then, given the current economic climate, I would have been faced with a pay cut or perhaps even the realisation that there may not even have been a job for me to return to. Due to my accident I was forced to take just over 6 months away from work. Thanks to the phenomenal business opportunity that I have built with Utility Warehouse my husband and I had no financial stresses during what was a very difficult time.

My monthly income now increases by between 5-10% each and every month. This is really quite something! I bet you won’t find many other business opportunities that provide such a consistent return. If you are really serious about developing a passive monthly residual income that, given the initial effort, will continue to increase even if you are forced to take time out from your business, then I would seriously urge you not to look further than this website. If you are seeking an income that is handed to you on a plate, in return for no effort on your part, then this opportunity is perhaps not for you. However if you are willing to offer a little effort on a consistent basis, whether it be every day, every week or every month then this business can bring you fantastic success.

The Utility Warehouse business opportunity has given me two very important assets in life – the time to be able to spend with my friends and family and additionally the financial freedom that means I no longer have to worry about monthly bills and expenses. Each and every day my business, my team and my income continue to grow allowing me more time to spend with loved ones and more income to splash out on the luxuries in life. If there are any areas of my success story (aside from breaking my spine!) that you are looking to achieve then they can be realised with the Utility Warehouse business opportunity. Please don’t worry that it’s perhaps too late to join the team – it isn’t! Utility Warehouse hold a very small share of their targeted UK market and through offering both residential and business customers alike the ultimate consumables you will very infrequently find yourself offering somebody something they do not already use – you can simply offer them it with a fantastic saving attached!

This is an independent website and not the official website of the Utility Warehouse. For the most up to date information, please go to www.utilitywarehouse.org.uk/564073.